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  • Using oil base Resin Tints by Art Resin (no resin required) make beautiful and easy marbling patterns. Click the link for tutorial!

  • The number one thing that people say when I tell them I'm an artist is: "Oh, I'm not creative. I can't even draw a stick figure." People are intrigued and fascinated by the artist life, but also a little defensive, as if they re uncomfortable because of their (perceived) lack of creativity. Acrylic Finger Painting by Josie Lewis

  • Click through to check out out my FAQs sheet all about colorful, easy and fun abstract acrylic paintings that you can do at home!

  • Abstract pattern in watercolor with beautiful gradient. Get a free download with some cool templates to make your own paintings!

  • Learn all about painting with beautiful acryla gouache paint with gradients, patterns and abstraction through my free resource!