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  • I’m completely obsessed with Acryla Gouache, which is a matte, flat paint medium that will cover dark paper beautifully. I use the Holbein brand, but there are a few others that are amazing as well. In the first video below, I describe what the heck gouache actually IS, and how to pronounce it, and in the second one you can watch a gallery of my abstract...

  • Acrylic Abstract Painting by Josie Lewis

  • Gouache tips and techniques on the blog

  • There are many cool ways to marble, but I happened upon an unusual method using a product that’s normally used to tint resin, called ResinTint by ArtResin. It’s oil based, so it floats on the surface of the water. It’s non-toxic and easy to do if you get the hang of it. Friendly for kids too! Watch the tutorial and the demo below to see the marbling...

  • Lewis Josie Ladder 30 x 30 Paint Chip Collage Art