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  • FREE acrylic Resources over on my blog! If you have invested time in developing your craft and your voice, and you have a body of work, you may be ready for adding those different departments to your workflow. I’ve been doing this for a while and I’ve figured a few things out that can help you. If you are in that world of trading your art for dollars,...

  • Every day, for just over 3 weeks, you’ll get a short email from me all about how to create and engage in Creative Flow State. Find out how to: Identify the flow that’s already present in your life Take instant steps to increase the value, frequency and range of flow Learn how to soothe anxiety and heal trauma through flow Increase pleasure and...

  • Watercolor Resources I’ve been watercoloring my heart out for nearly 20 years, so I’ve got opinions, favorites, free tutorials .You can find tons of resources for your watercolor journey on this page. If you’re looking for my fabulous, free pattern watercolor templates for home printing—go here! #colortheology #josielewis #abstraction #gradient...